The Old Bakehouse Menu

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Yesterdays Soup (it always tastes better the next day) £4.50
Bread & butter.

Goats Cheese Fritter £6.95
Charred chicory. Tomato, ginger & mint coulis.

Chicken Liver, Brandy & Garlic Pâté £6.95
Pink peppercorn syrup. Toast.

Toasted Nachos £6.95 – to share £8.95
Homemade tortilla chips grilled with cheese, mushrooms & jalapeños.
Served with salsa, sour cream & guacamole for dipping.

Home Smoked Haddock, Parsley & Potato Bon Bons £6.95
Pea & mint purée. Honey, mustard dressing.

Hot & Spicy Chicken Wings £6.95
Bbq sauce. Blue cheese dip. Celery.

Prawn Cocktail £6.95
With traditional Marie Rose sauce (because you would ask for it anyway)
Served with brown bread & butter.

Artichoke Heart, White Bean, Olive & Chicory Salad (Vegan) £6.95
Toasted Walnuts. Maple & Wine Vinegar Dressing.

Fresh Steamed Mussels (when available) £7.95
Garlic bread
Marinière • Garlic & Chilli • White Wine & Stilton

Comfort Food

Sizzling Fajitas
A spicy Mexican stir-fry tossed with fresh coriander & lime tequila.
Served with salsa, sour cream, guacamole, jalapeños, cheese and warm flour
tortillas for making your own wraps.
Chicken £12.95 • Steak £13.95 • Vegetable £11.95

Fresh Fish & Chips £11.95
Usually haddock in beer batter with home-made pickles, tartar sauce & lemon. (Mushy or garden Peas).

Venison, Port & Stilton Pan-Pie £12.95
Flaky pastry.

Spicy Corn Tostada Stack
Two crisp corn tortilla’s grilled with cheese, peppers & jalapeños.
Stacked then coated with salsa, sour cream & guacamole.
Steak £12.95 • Chicken £11.95

Vegetable Tostada Stack (Vegan) £11.95 
As above without the sour cream & cheese.

Hand Made Designer Steak Burger £10.95
A 7oz flame grilled ground steak patty on a toasted sesame bun with red onions & dill pickle

Chicken Burger £11.95
served as above

The toppings are on the house so add any combination or as many
toppings as you wish from:
Cheddar • Stilton • Burger Cheese • Bacon • Fried Egg • Haggis
Garlic Mushrooms. • Onion Confit • Jalapeños • Salsa

The Bruiser: (Black, Blue & Red All Over) £10.95
Cajun blackened 7oz ground steak patty with melted Stilton & salsa.

The Mexican £11.95
A marinated char-grilled chicken fillet. Topped with melted cheddar, guacamole, salsa, sour cream & jalapeños.

The Veggie Burger (Vegan) £10.95
A falafel spinach burger. Coated with chilli mint sauce.

Feel free to add any of the toppings above to your veggie burger on the house!!

All burgers are served on a toasted sesame bun with red onions & dill pickle.
They also come with BBQ sauce, coleslaw and skinny fries or sea salt wedges.


From the Char Grill
The steaks are aged, flame-grilled Beef served on a skillet with garlic mushrooms & onion confit

8oz Fillet £25.95 • 8oz Sirloin £19.95 • 10oz Ribeye £21.95
Chicken Fillet £12.95 • 7oz Steak Burger £11.95
The sauce is on the house so choose one!
Black pepper & cognac • Port & Dunsyre Blue • Garlic & herb butter
Fried egg (yes we know it’s not a sauce!)

  • Add pâté to your steak £2.95
  • Add haggis to your steak £1.65
  • Surf & turf your steak with garlic shrimps £2.95

Ballotine of Chicken £13.95
Wrapped in bacon, stuffed with smoked cheese. Cider & sweet pepper sauce.

Pan Fried Duck Breast £14.95
Haggis. Red wine, prune & Armagnac velouté.

Old Bakehouse Rossini £24.95
Flame-grilled fillet of beef, onion crouton, pâté, port & Dunsyre Blue sauce.

Roasted Salmon Fillet £12.95
Tomato, white wine & fennel sauce

Goan Coconut Curry (Vegan) £12.95
Sweet potato, chickpea & vegetables. Served with spiced onions & coriander rice.

Gorgonzola, Pea & White Wine Linguine £11.95
Gremolata dressing. Garlic bread & dressed salad.

Moules et Frites (when available) £11.95
Fresh mussels, garlic bread, skinny fries and aioli dip.
Marinière • Garlic & chilli • Coronation sauce

Unless otherwise stated all mains come with a choice of vegetables or dressed leaves and potatoes of the day, sea salt wedges, skinny fries or Basmati rice.

All menu prices are inclusive of 20% VAT

All Vegan

To Start

Today’s Soup
Crusty Bread. £4.50 

Toasted Nachos £6.95 to share £8.95
Homemade Tortilla Chips Grilled With Vegan ‘Cheese’, Mushrooms & Jalapeños. Served With Salsa, Sour ‘Cream’ & Guacamole For Dipping.

‘Halloumi’ & Orange Salad £6.95
Pickled Fennel & Dukkah. Passionfruit Dressing.


Veggie Burger £10.95
Falafel Spinach Burger Served on a Toasted Sesame Bun with Red Onions & Dill.
Also Comes with Onion Rings, Bbq Sauce, Guacamole. Skinny Fries or Sea Salt Wedges.
Choose Any Combination of Toppings from:
Garlic Mushrooms, Vegan Cheese, Onion Confit, Napoli Sauce, Jalapeños & Salsa

Goan Coconut Curry £12.95
A Creamy Mild Sweet Potato, Chickpea & Vegetable Curry. Served With Spiced Onions & Basmati Rice.
Also comes with Chilli Oil in Case you Want to Spice it up.

Spicy Corn Tostada Stack £12.95
Two Crisp Corn Tortilla’s Grilled with Spicy Veg, Jalapenos & Vegan Cheese. Stacked Then Coated with Salsa, Sour ‘Cream’ & Guacamole.

Sizzling Skillets

Fajitas £12.95
A Spicy Mexican Vegetable Stir Fry.
Tossed with Fresh Coriander & Lime Tequila. Served with Salsa, Sour ‘Cream‘, Guacamole, Jalapeños, ‘Cheese’, & Flour Tortilla’s for making your Own Wraps.

Grilled Spinach & Chickpea ‘Steak‘ £12.95
Served on a Skillet with Garlic Mushrooms & Onion Confit. Also Comes with Napoli Sauce or Garlic Dressing.

Sundays at the Bakehouse


Traditional Scottish Breakfast £9.95
2 eggs, 2 bacon, 2 sausages, haggis, black pudding,
fruit pudding, potato scone, tomato & mushrooms

Girls Blouse Breakfast £6.95
Egg, bacon, sausage, potato scone, tomato & mushrooms

Vegetarian Breakfast £9.95
2 eggs, veggie sausages, veggie haggis, tomatoes, mushrooms, potato
scone and anything else that we can find in the kitchen that can’t
get from A-B under its own steam.

Eggs Benedict £9.95
2 poached eggs & crisp bacon on a toasted muffin coated with
hollandaise sauce. Served with mushrooms & roasted tomatoes.

Haggis Benedict £9.95
As above but with haggis instead of bacon

Egg Florentine £9.95
As above but with creamed spinach instead of bacon.

Ham & Eggs New York £9.95
2 eggs, bacon, buttermilk pancakes & maple syrup.

Huevos Rancheros £9.95
Two crisp corn tortillas grilled with cheese, topped with fried
eggs then smothered in salsa (with or without ham)

All brunches are served with toast & preserves.

Traditional Sunday Roast £12.95
(available all day )
Roasted Rump of Borders Beef, vegetables, dripping roast potatoes,
onion yorkie, beef stock gravy & horseradish cream.
(plain or Stilton glazed)

Full menu also served from 12pm all day.

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